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Wedding dresses are beautiful and special. We should, therefore, be keen to take care of them because they can be easily damaged by dirt. To maintain their beauty and elegance, they must be kept clean. One should, therefore, plan Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning right after the wedding. This proves to be helpful as it ensures you avoid the risk of these stains on wedding dress becoming oxidized and give a better chance of successful cleaning.

It is very important to have the wedding dress dry cleaned before it is stored. You should not be concluded that the dress is clean just by the look of it as stains like those of perspiration and drink stains can evaporate but as time goes by, they will begin affecting the fabric.

During the wedding ceremony, it is wise to avoid rubbing stains, if you spill something on the dress, just blot it gently because rubbing can have some damaging effects on the fabric. When it comes to stains, the dry cleaner will eliminate them easily and effectively without damaging the fabric at all.

When looking for a dry cleaner service, it is important to check the experience they hold. An experienced dry cleaning service provider will ensure that the wedding dress is cleaned effectively and leave it as good as new.

The only way to be certain that your wedding dress is properly cleaned is to inspect it even if it has already been packed. You can discuss with the dry cleaner service provider the possibility of further treatment on the wedding dress. You should be aware that no dry cleaner can have a hundred percent success rate. However, combining experience and the latest technology techniques can help in delivering the best results.

Here are some tips that will ensure your wedding dress remains clean as new. They include;

-Find a dry cleaner before the wedding ceremony
This is an important thing to do. In case a disaster strikes on the wedding day, the dress can quickly be attended on. It is easy to send a friend to deliver it to the dry cleaners if you are going for a long honeymoon.

-Label your wedding dress
Labels are very important to the professional dry cleaner. They are able to give the dry cleaner service provider the necessary information regarding the wedding dress. It is therefore important to label your wedding dress to make their work easier.

-Trimmings and beads
The designs of wedding dresses are so sophisticated. You will often find wedding dress makers embellishing dresses with additional items. They may actually result in a couple of problems for the dry cleaner. Some of the extensions in a wedding dress are not ideal for dry cleaning and might even dissolve during the cleaning process. If you have hired a well-known dry cleaning service provider, they will be able to test the fabric before beginning to clean it. Other items like the glitter can also be glued on.

You should note that the glue will easily dissolve during the dry cleaning process. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you have removed all the extensions attached to the wedding dress using glue. The best way to fix this kind of problem is by informing the wedding dress designer way the dress is cleaned and confirm the instructions for cleaning the dress.

The next thing you should think about after your wedding dress is cleaned is;

The wedding dress should never be left in plastics from the dry cleaners. This is because, over time, these plastics can give off chemicals that will eventually discolor the fabric.

-Another thing you need to do is removing the safety pins
This is because, over time, they can get oxidized and stain your dress with rust marks. The dress should be stored and packed in acid-free tissue paper. This tactic helps prevent yellowing of the dress and this ensures that your dress remains as good as new.

-It is also important to check your dress even after storage
This will be essential as you will be able to notice if it is deteriorating through inappropriate storage. Refolding the dress is also highly recommended as it prevents permanent creases.

-Avoid storing the dress in plastic boxes for extended periods of time
avoid-storing-the-dress-in-plastic-boxes for-long-time, If some humidity and moisture develop inside the box, the fabric can develop mildew and that will damage the dress.

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